Kominki gazowe DreamFIRE


Gas fireplaces – properly installed fireplace

If we think about fireplace, in front our eyes we have an idea of placing it in the living room. Nevertheless but it also fits in bedroom or bathroom – if it is enough big and we prefer to take a long bath.

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Gas luxus

The fireplace is very popular indoor equipment of the house. A fire brings coziness and view on it calms down and satisfies, the heat eliminated from it is used for heating of the house. We dare to say that there is a fireplace in majority of detached houses in Poland. And if tenants of the flats have to forget about this „decoration“?

See more at: http://www.kominek.org.pl/technologie/artykul/zobacz/gazowy-luksus.html

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Unusual harmonicas

Thin slices with gloss of mica formed into small cylinders have outstanding features. It is vermiculite which has been recently introduced for industry and for other branches as well.

Source: www.kominek.org.pl

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